Saturday, 28 April 2012

Avengers Assemble!

Last night Boyfriend Jake and I went to see the new Avengers Assemble film. Jake has been preparing me for this monumental occasion for the last few weeks by having me watch a selection of the previous Marvel based films so I was pretty excited when pre-booking our premium seats.

Jake had decided that it would be best if we went to the Odeon in Coventry which means tackling several junctions of the ring-road.If you are unfamiliar with the Coventry ring road then I greatly recommend it. It involves cars getting on and off on the same slip-road rather than the more conventional on slip and exit slip. Jake had assured me that from where I picked him up at the university he knew the way. Jake does not drive and has a limited concept of one-way systems, roundabouts and ring-roads. We had a rather shouty drive for 10 minutes to make a rather easy 5 minute journey.

Once we arrived and efficiently collected our tickets we had to queue to validate the parking ticket, then queue again for popcorn. We purchased a large popcorn and Pepsi combo so that Jake could receive a free Thor keyring. This key ring was not worth that much popcorn.

The film itself was Awesome. But I'm not going to review it. . . you can go to rottentomatoes or IMDb for that. . . A double thumbs up though.

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