Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I always meant to write a blog, then it got mainstream so I didn't. 

If there's some things about me you aught to know they are these:
        I am a student at the not-so-high-flying University of Northampton.
        I currently want to be a poet, but this time last year I wanted to be a travel writer so next year who knows, maybe I'll want to be a journalist.
        I live with two boys and a mysterious evangelical Christian during the week and with my artist boyfriend, and his mum,and cats, at the weekends.
            I like to think I'm musically very gifted and talented although this is a myth that is rapidly turning into a lie.
       I laugh at people when they're are not trying to be funny and call shop assistants by their name. 
       I am a keen over-user of ellipsis . . . 

So that's me in a nut. I have high hopes of keeping a blog of my general ramblings about things I see and get up to. So take a look at the world through my eyes. 

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