Saturday, 28 April 2012

Avengers Assemble!

Last night Boyfriend Jake and I went to see the new Avengers Assemble film. Jake has been preparing me for this monumental occasion for the last few weeks by having me watch a selection of the previous Marvel based films so I was pretty excited when pre-booking our premium seats.

Jake had decided that it would be best if we went to the Odeon in Coventry which means tackling several junctions of the ring-road.If you are unfamiliar with the Coventry ring road then I greatly recommend it. It involves cars getting on and off on the same slip-road rather than the more conventional on slip and exit slip. Jake had assured me that from where I picked him up at the university he knew the way. Jake does not drive and has a limited concept of one-way systems, roundabouts and ring-roads. We had a rather shouty drive for 10 minutes to make a rather easy 5 minute journey.

Once we arrived and efficiently collected our tickets we had to queue to validate the parking ticket, then queue again for popcorn. We purchased a large popcorn and Pepsi combo so that Jake could receive a free Thor keyring. This key ring was not worth that much popcorn.

The film itself was Awesome. But I'm not going to review it. . . you can go to rottentomatoes or IMDb for that. . . A double thumbs up though.

Rizzle Kicks

On Thursday boyfriend Jake and I went to see the Rizzle Kicks live in concert at the Leamington Assembly. Being usually swung more towards folk and acoustic music meant that the 'hardcore urban beets' of these Brighton born youths seemed slightly intimidating. This is not true. Jake summarised the target audience into one simple phrase: "rap music for the white middle class . . ."

It has been about a year since I was last surrounded by self-conscious adolescents and felt for the first time in my life: old. We squeezed our way through the army of maroon coloured skinny jeans and top-knots to a polite distance form the stage. We didn't want to get crushed in a mob of children, or crush any children ourselves but didn't want to stand at the back with the mums and dads. . . It was an interesting demographic to say the least. However we did seem to gravitate towards the rest of our own peers and there was a middle distance of 18-25 year-olds.

Highlights for me include a parental advisory warning before, to the delight of the under-age audience, chanting the word fuck, and the Rizzle Kicks pointing out how, despite what the government seem to be telling us, smoking is cool.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to whack out some of my bad-man gangster moves although I did have to tell Jake he was cramping my style. This was met by the reply: "Jessie. You have absolutely no style to cramp."

When I told my parents, on individual occasions, that we had been to see the Rizzle Kicks, both instantly opened youtube and, glancing at me, both asked, "and how are you spelling Rizzle?" 

All in all Rizzle Kicks was a brilliant night out, even if we were hanging out with year nines. The Leamington Assembly is a beautiful regency venue and the cider was cheep. Thumbs up.

Arrested? Oh lord . . .

So yesterday morning I woke up to notice a text on my Nokia monophonic brick (my Samsung galaxy S2 was dropped in the loo . . .) from housemate Jamie's mum. To paraphrase it read along the lines of, 'don't be alarmed Jamie has been arrested, thought you aught to know.' Typical Jamie. I replied a slightly franker than intended remark and set about investigating what had gone on. I informed housemate Stuart and tried to get hold of Jamie. Not until the early hours this morning did I get hold of him. Apparently it was all a drunken brawl outside MacDonald's. We shall see what happens. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Meeting the Mysterious Housemate

Before I start I feel i should say that I have just written all of this and then accidentally deleted it. Twice.

So this is the adventures of Our Mysterious Housemate and her mysterious friends. She has the box room here at number 43 which is filled by a single bed. Yet yesterday I counted four people emerge from that room. I don't know how they're all fitting in. Me and the boyfriend stayed in my single bed and it was 'cosy' to say the least. (And he probably has a lesser circumference than the aforementioned Housemate.)

Along with that we're dealing with housemate, Jamie's breakage of the window frame. This occurred after drunkenly deciding that having him climb through an upstairs window was the best answer to being locked out. However the wood was rotten and he fell to his gory death. That was a joke. He fell about a foot.

The last time we nearly killed Jamie was right back at the beginning of the year when we didn't know each other that well and had just heard news of an attack and rape at the end of our road. We left him out in the cold until about 4am simply out of fear. That time he broke the glass of the window by throwing a shoe at it.

More heartbreakingly I have been told that it is going to be one of the coldest May's on record. This is pissing me off.


I always meant to write a blog, then it got mainstream so I didn't. 

If there's some things about me you aught to know they are these:
        I am a student at the not-so-high-flying University of Northampton.
        I currently want to be a poet, but this time last year I wanted to be a travel writer so next year who knows, maybe I'll want to be a journalist.
        I live with two boys and a mysterious evangelical Christian during the week and with my artist boyfriend, and his mum,and cats, at the weekends.
            I like to think I'm musically very gifted and talented although this is a myth that is rapidly turning into a lie.
       I laugh at people when they're are not trying to be funny and call shop assistants by their name. 
       I am a keen over-user of ellipsis . . . 

So that's me in a nut. I have high hopes of keeping a blog of my general ramblings about things I see and get up to. So take a look at the world through my eyes.